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Shadowing an experienced tutor

Table of contents

  1. Submission Instructions
  2. Observation Prompts
  3. Instructions for 190J students
  4. Instructions for Paid ULAs

The goals of this assignment is to give you a chance to observe an experienced ULA and their interactions, and to reflect on this experience and what you’ve learned.

Your assignment is to observe a tutor in action for at least 30 minutes during their office hours/open labs. You should select a time to do this observation that is outside your own open lab hours. Write your observation by responding to the following prompts. If the tutor assisted multiple students during this time, pick one interaction that you found to be the most interesting.

Submission Instructions

Take notes using the provided prompts and enter your answers in the homework on Gauchospace. Make sure to submit your observations before the end of Week 9 (May 28).

Observation Prompts

  1. Write the name of the tutor you observed.
  2. What was the student’s question? Was the student’s question clear? Describe in as much detail as possible.
  3. What was the tutor’s initial response to the student? Describe the first two minutes of the interaction in detail.
  4. How well do you think the tutor understood the student’s question? If the student’s question was not clear, what did the tutor do?
  5. How easy was it for you to follow the tutor’s explanation? In your opinion, how easy was it for the student to follow the tutor’s explanation? Why?
  6. How well do you think the tutor responded to the student? Comment on tone, body-language, pace, and interactivity. If the tutor did not know the answer, what did they do?
  7. Were there other students waiting to talk to the tutor? If so, what did the tutor do to manage their time?
  8. Based on your observation of the tutor (potentially, over multiple interactions), write three things that the tutor did well.
  9. Based on your observation of the tutor (potentially, over multiple interactions), write three things that you would have done differently.

Instructions for 190J students

Who can you shadow?

  • any paid ULA. You can find their office hours on this spreadsheet (see the email) to help you schedule your shadowing.
  • although it is not required, it is recommended that you shadow a paid ULA from the class that you are tutoring for.
  • if you tried and cannot find an office hour that has student visits, you can choose to visit the office hours of a paid ULA who is currently tutoring for a course that you are taking. In this case, you will be the student coming into office hour with questions and observe the conversation you have with the ULA.
  • if you still cannot find an office hour to observe, make sure to let Prof. K know before the end of Week 8.

Before shadowing:

  • make sure to let the paid ULA know through Slack or email that you plan on shadowing their office hours
  • you can either drop into their office hours or arrange some way for the paid ULA to notify you when a student comes into office hour

When a student comes into the office hour of the paid ULA that you’re shadowing:

  • make sure either you or the paid ULA asks for the student’s consent to have you sit in on the conversation
  • if the student prefers to not be part of the observation, you can either leave the breakout room or have the paid ULA move you into another breakout room

When you are shadowing the paid ULA:

  • write down any objective observations of the conversation using the provided prompts
  • keep your mic muted and video off
  • make sure not to interfere with the conversation in any way

After shadowing the ULA:

  • note down any last-minute observations and complete the rest of the observation

Instructions for Paid ULAs

  • 190J students will be reaching out to you over the next few weeks via CS Open Lab Slack or email to let you know that they will be visiting your office hour for shadowing. Please keep an eye out on both platforms.
  • 190J students may ask you to notify them when you have students in your office hours.
  • 190J students will be using this spreadsheet (see the email) to find your office hours. Please double-check that your office hour info is correct. If it’s incorrect, please let Jared or Tina know. If your office hours are not on the sheet, please fill out this form so we can include your hours
  • make sure you ask for the student’s consent to have the 190J observer(s) sit in on the conversation before helping the student