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The final report should be a summary of your contributions and learning in CS 190J and the course that you assisted in as a ULA.

Write your responses as an essay or as short paragraphs in response to the following prompts (feel free to keep practicing with Overleaf/LaTeX to format your answers, although, it’s not mandatory). As usual, submit your PDF to Gradescope.

  • What course were you an LA for this quarter? What are the learning goals in that course?
  • Tell us how you conducted your one-on-tutoring with students in lab sections and in your office hours. Please, highlight specific strategies that you used that worked well.
  • Were there any initiatives that you took to improve course content and organization?
  • What are the most important take-aways that you got from your work on the course you helped with?
  • Based on your experience and observations in CS 190J, tell us about the aspects of this course that you found valuable and identify areas where you would have liked to receive more training.
  • Think back to your presentation in 190J and reflect on that experience:
    • Describe one thing that you did well in this presentation.
    • Comment on the content of your presentation: do you feel that you provided your audience with information that was clear and sufficient to achieve your learning goals? If you had to give this presentation over again, what would you change?
  • Optional, but helpful if you have time: Do you have any suggestions for improvements to either CS190J, the course you assisted with, or the LA program in general?