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UCSB Academic Policy

UCSB Academic Integrity Policy

Why is academic dishonesty a problem

  • Unable to understand material will affect performance in the long-term
    • Holes in knowledge will propogate when learning advancement material
  • Fairness
    • Affects material / pace / grade distribution in courses
  • Tarnishes Institutional Reputation

Why do students resort to academic dishonesty

  • Most students inherently do not want to cheat
  • Students feel pressure
    • pressure to do well, experience peer-pressure, change majors, meet deadlines, juggle commitments, …

Detecting cheating

What can instructors and tutors do to discourage academic dishonesty

  • Communicate the academic dishonesty policy
  • Make students feel supported
  • Encourage students when they’re struggling
  • Explain courses use plagiarism tools


  • Receiving a 0 on assignments / exams
  • Incident is reported to campus (office of student conduct)[]
  • Disqualification from being a tutor
  • Repeated offenses result in suspension / expulsion